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  • State of the Organization

    2018-01-22 05:05:00, by Armageddon
    Comments: 2

    To all registered members of Core Dynamic Systems: Our organization continues to evolve. We hope everyone can be patient as we reorganize yet again. Currently, founder and director John_Zimari will take the roll as CEO of Core Dynamic Systems. His continued commitment to our Organization and to everything Star Citizen has been an inspiration. Our Principles have not changed and we will continue to maintain our current course by trying to slowly grow, building a core group of players who are…

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  • Congratulations More-Tono

    2017-01-19 04:07:00, by Armageddon
    Comments: 5

    More-Tono completed Pirate Swarm with Brutal, ArmageddonHorizon and Locust all the way through wave 18 without loosing a single ship - he only had one gun at one point, but survived to the end. Way to go, CEO! He has been awarded the new version of the Expert Pilot Badge, now called the Pirate Swarm Ace Award. Earn yours today.

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  • More Promotions and New Members

    2017-01-17 03:52:00, by fiveOunceHide
    Comments: 2

    Congratulations to Froggal for his promotion to Logistics XO and Brutal on his promotion to Director - Security Force (Flight & Ground)!

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2018-01-24 01:14:26
Tonya Oriel watched the yawning abyss outside the window. The void. It was pure. It was simple. It was permanent.
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