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Everybody's waiting for 3.0. Watch this space.

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Re: PE Training with the boys

2017-11-06 11:35 PM by Brutal

PE Training with the boys

2017-11-06 1:56 AM by Swagdalf


2017-11-05 6:33 PM by John_Zimari

Re: Teamspeak: Announce user by name

2017-11-05 1:30 PM by John_Zimari

Teamspeak: Announce user by name

2017-11-04 11:39 PM by More_Tono

Re: Howdy

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  • Congratulations More-Tono

    2017-01-19 04:07:00, by Armageddon
    Comments: 5

    More-Tono completed Pirate Swarm with Brutal, ArmageddonHorizon and Locust all the way through wave 18 without loosing a single ship - he only had one gun at one point, but survived to the end. Way to go, CEO! He has been awarded the new version of the Expert Pilot Badge, now called the Pirate Swarm Ace Award. Earn yours today.

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  • More Promotions and New Members

    2017-01-17 03:52:00, by fiveOunceHide
    Comments: 2

    Congratulations to Froggal for his promotion to Logistics XO and Brutal on his promotion to Director - Security Force (Flight & Ground)!

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  • Happy Holidays and New Forums

    2016-12-14 04:07:00, by fiveOunceHide
    Comments: 1

    As a present to all you guys for the holidays, I've posted a new forum system for the Org. This new system will allow me to program new features easily and incorporate the forums more within the entire site.

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2017-11-18 01:37:23
Attention development subscribers: the November 2017 issue of Jump Point is now available in your subscription area.
2017-11-17 20:24:36
2017-11-16 19:40:28
See what it took to get our procedural city tech ready for CitizenCon. Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host this episode, which also includes another installment of “Burndown.” And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://robertsspa…
2017-11-15 22:08:00
Will Weissbaum takes you on a tour of the 13-planet Ellis System, which is home to the Murray Cup. Watch this episode to learn more about its history and astronomical properties. Remember that you can always explore the Star Citizen Universe yourself in…
2017-11-15 02:04:19
Executives from the Xi’an-owned Torral Aggregate face scrutiny from a Senate subcommittee.