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More-Tono completed Pirate Swarm with Brutal, ArmageddonHorizon and Locust all the way through wave 18 without loosing a single ship - he only had one gun at one point, but survived to the end. Way to go, CEO! He has been awarded the new version of the Expert Pilot Badge, now called the Pirate Swarm Ace Award. Earn yours today.

For more information about Medals you can earn, click here.

5 Comments On "Congratulations More-Tono"
    • Stormhoves Jan 19th, 2017

      Congrats guys !
    • Armageddon Jan 19th, 2017

      Oops, after looking at Stormhoves response, I can see where I gave the impression that the rest of us made it to wave 18 without loosing a ship. Only More-Tono made it. The rest of us made contact with asteroids or the cannon spit of pirates. Locust did very well with his Aurora - but lacks the firepower and survivability of the Super Hornet. I want a do-over!
    • fiveOunceHide Jan 19th, 2017

      Congrats Tono!
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