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Congratulations to Froggal for his promotion to Logistics XO and Brutal on his promotion to Director - Security Force (Flight & Ground)!

We also have a bunch of new members we would like to welcome. Be sure to welcome the following members: Stevenkoenig2, Disciple07, FlemSureshot, GUILTY77, Rivit, and Kras.

2 Comments On "More Promotions and New Members"
  • John_Zimari Jan 24th, 2017

    Froggal back where he belongs... i feel a pride. the one just a father understand.
    Let's get some shit houled matey!

    Avast ye mateys ! We've Hauled up our bounty of treasures !
  • Froggal Jan 25th, 2017

    Yay back where I belong!!
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