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Organization Timezones

PST 23:06-28800

CST 01:06-21600

MST 00:06-25200

EST 02:06-18000

AST 03:06-14400

KST 16:0632400

CET 08:063600

GMT 07:060

HST 21:06-36000

JST 16:0632400


We are collecting the donations for the upkeep on the website and teamspeak servers. Currently it costs us $22/month in total.

Warton is the organization treasurer. You may see this name on the paypal page. This is normal.

We are also collecting donations for the org patches. If you are donating for the patches, make sure to send Warton a private message letting him know what portion of your donation is to be applied to the patches.You can also add a note when you donate at PayPal as to how the funds should be divided.

Thank you all in advance for your support of our Organization!

Paypal charges 2.2% +0.30 per transaction so If you donate $5.00 only $4.50 is attributed to the Organization.