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Organization Timezones

PST 23:07-28800

CST 01:07-21600

MST 00:07-25200

EST 02:07-18000

AST 03:07-14400

KST 16:0732400

CET 08:073600

GMT 07:070

HST 21:07-36000

JST 16:0732400

Principles & Guidelines

Core Principles

What does FLEET FIRST stand for?

A structure of communication and competency within an organization.

  • FLEET FIRST seeks to create a culture of skill and efficiency within all members.
  • Level of skill/competency relevant to the level of participation
  • Basic training offered to all members
  • Advanced training available

A Code of Conduct

  • Respect for Orgmates
  • Represent CDS appropriately
  • Work hard, play hard
  • Enjoy the game, be successful
  • Achieve goals through skill, knowledge, and cooperation
  • Support for Org initiatives, help Orgmates

EVERYONE in the organization can participate in any legal activity sanctioned within Star Citizen including mining, exploration, trade, bounty hunting, racing, whatever, except NO PIRACY/NO GRIEFING/NO CHEATING or anything that would reflect badly on the reputation of the organization.
These requirements help install a feeling of confidence in fellow organization mates and add to the efficiency of mission profits. It is also damn fun to work as a team to overcome overwhelming odds.

The intention is to have an active, knowledgeable organization that supports its membership to achieve goals within the Star Citizen universe.

Core Dynamics Systems respects that real life is important, and there are a variety of playstyles, interests, skill levels, and levels of activity.


Who We Are

Fleet First

  • A culture of skill and competency
  • Mutual respect
  • Represent the Org
  • Cooperation

Real life is more important than the game

  • It's a game, not a job
  • Casual player friendly

No piracy, no griefing

  • Success in the ‘verse through smart play
  • We will defend each other
  • It's all about business


  • For Org security


  • Members from around the world, from all walks of life, wide range of ages

Friendly, helpful

  • Elite players, no elitist attitudes
  • Newb-friendly, casual friendly
  • Training

Selective recruiting

  • Not interested in growth for growth sake
  • Skill is important but we’re looking for good people first
  • Large enough to provide a strong online presence
  • Small enough that members matter

Full spectrum of legitimate gameplay

  • Play the way you want, when you want, as much as you want
  • Exploration, business, combat, racing
  • Full range – casual to hardcore members
  • Role-play friendly


  • Cheating is not legitimate gameplay; therefore, cheating is not permitted
  • ANYONE who is accused or suspected of cheating will be investigated immediately
  • ANYONE who is proven to be cheating ingame will be expelled immediately

We don’t need no drama

  • Fair and reasonable leadership
  • Adult behavior, maturity

Common sense guidelines

  • Org structure is simple and straightforward
  • Not rule-bound


  • Advancement in rank based on contribution to the Org
  • Knowledge and skill are valued

Low maintenance

  • Avoid officer burnout
  • Spread out the workload
  • Backups and folks to help out

What We Are

RSI Settings

  • Organization
  • Regular
  • Exclusive

Business/Military theme

  • Strong industry and strong military capability

Not too big

  • No growth for growth’s sake
  • Large enough to provide strong online presence
  • Small enough that each member is important
  • Selective recruiting, person>player

Full service

  • Website
  • TeamSpeak
  • Training/certification
  • Events

Core Dynamic Systems - Star Citizen

We at Core Dynamic Systems hope for everyone to have fun, and for star citizen not to become a second job. We will strive to make sure that no matter who is online to play that they will be skilled and able to assist each other at any given moment.

We work as a team, always. This means there will be no drama, treat each other better than you want to be treated.

Real life comes first. If you will be absent for any extended periods of time (a few days to a week) all you need to do is let someone know, its really that simple, no one will ever second guess you or expect you to explain why you will be absent.

Regardless of your desired role all members are expected to know basic flight skills and brevity. Also basic ground weapon use and first aid are skills we all need to have.

We as a group are not role players , but role play is not prohibited and every effort will be made to provide TeamSpeak channels and other facilities available for people who wish to roleplay when possible.

We are an Exclusive org as indicated on the RSI website, That means without prior special permission our members may not also be members of other orgs.

We are an anti pirate anti smuggling org that supports the UEE .

We are also an adult org , provision will be given to family members on a case by case basis .